Our SharePoint training and coaching service will ensure your user adoption is well equipped to utilise the new capabilities.

Determining the correct mix of skills and experience needed to support and operate a SharePoint environment can be quite a challenge, as can understanding what is required to support and maintain an optimised, operational environment. 

WorkShares help organisations define those key roles and responsibilities and also design and deliver training plan so that teams are informed and educated as to the key functions they need to perform. From SharePoint administration to end-user training, team coaching or one to one mentoring for specific skill sets, we help organisations ensure they implement a robust ‘business as usual’ service following the launch of the new solution.

Once your implementation of SharePoint is ready to be made live, we’re here to make sure your team members know how to get the most out of it. We can develop tutorials to suit all levels of knowledge.

As an experienced Microsoft Partner, we are well equipped and qualified to provide face to face training in the use of Microsoft SharePoint. On one hand, our SharePoint consultants will show your administration level staff; power users, form administrators and site administrators, how to use their access privileges effectively within your new SharePoint environment. On the other hand, our consultants are able to provide coaching services to your key team members from SharePoint Team Management and/or Service Management (based on ITIL and CobIT best practices) as well as Process/Technology Management point of view.

So whether it is help with designing a training plan to manage the SharePoint environment or your end users, contact us for more information about how we can help you in this area.

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