SharePoint solutions design

Increase Your SharePoint Capabilities

Our SharePoint consulting and bespoke development service will help you move beyond the out of the box features.

Within our SharePoint consulting & bespoke development service, we can provide the correct mix of technical product knowledge and business acumen to help you make informed decisions during the project.

Where SharePoint excels is in its immense array of features and functions and our key strength is being aware of ‘what works well’ and ‘what doesn’t work so well’ and provide this advice and guidance having developed this insight from working with the product for over 15 years.

Bespoke Development

When out-of-the-box features do not meet the customer's needs, there may be a business need to change the out of the box branding or provide customisations to particular features of functions. We can help you determine the optimal route from scope definition, design,  build & test of customisations or save you time through recommending a particular third party product.

From Simple SharePoint WebParts to Complex Integration Solutions

Once your users will absorb the basics of what SharePoint can offer, quite often the business needs drive towards minor or larger upgrades of existing features, and integration of third party systems such as SAP, Dynamics CRM & NAV/GP, LOB banking systems, data warehouse services, etc.

Support Your Business Process with Work-flows

A decade ago SharePoint initially offered a basic document sharing and collaboration capabilities, and creating workflows that would support your business was a 110% custom development task.

With its fifth iteration, the SharePoint platform is a stable and mature environment on top of which more and more SME and large/ global companies build solutions that support their core and related business processes. Our experienced SharePoint team keeps providing them a technical leadership and designs long-term solutions that integrate with the rest of their systems.

SharePoint WorkFlows, Infopath Forms and Custom CodeBy fully understanding capabilities and limitations of SharePoint, InfoPath, Flow, Forms, and it's third party workflow tools such as Nintex and K2 , we help our clients deploy SharePoint's out-of-the-box features in combination with 3rd party products, and custom-coded modules that seamlessly integrate with each-other, and with other systems. We use industry's, Microsoft's and our own best practices and frameworks whilst achieving that.

By utilising our teams Business Process Redesign/Re-engineering experience gained on projects in collaboration with companies such as Deloitte, McKinsey, CapGemini, Ernst & Young, etc, the complexity of redefining business processes becomes even more transparent and consequently simplified.

SharePoint Consulting Scenarios

Are you Migrating/Upgrading to SharePoint?

Benefit from WorkShares wide exposure to all version of SharePoint, deep understanding of the underlying changes and hands on experience with a number of real world SharePoint projects. Get WorkShares to perform an as-is analysis of your SharePoint environment and advise you on the best practices for planning and implementing your SharePoint upgrade / migrations.

Are you evaluating SharePoint Online service?

Regardless of the company size Microsoft Online Services can be leveraged by your business to reduce costs and increase agility. Benefit from WorkShares deep understanding of Microsoft’s Online offerings. Get WorkShares to perform a ‘service ready’ assessment of your on premise infrastructureSharePoint customisations and evaluate online service strategy in line with your future business goals.

Do you require assistance for initial concept and scoping?

Engage WorkShares with the technical and business stakeholders of your organisation to draft a business case, develop a conceptual design and in some cases develop a proof of concept; imparting key SharePoint architecture knowledge and lessons learned from other projects in the process.

Require an architectural review?

WorkShares works with your SharePoint team to validate existing information, infrastructure and custom component architecture or based on the business requirements create one from scratch.

Seeking an independent audit?

WorkShares works with your business and SharePoint teams to verify existing SharePoint solution’s alignment with your business requirements. We can also review the current environment configuration and where applicable, propose remedial actions to improve performance or leverage more (at no extra cost where possible) from the investment you’ve already made in the platform.

Want assistance with troubleshooting and optimisation?

WorkShares works with your SharePoint team to identify major performance pain points and implement fixes.

Need help to design and develop a particular part of your solution or project?

At WorkShares thanks to our in-depth experience in designing and developing SharePoint solutions, we can assist you to complete, complex or time consuming parts of your project design and development. Our clients in the past have used us where they ran into trouble or were short of internal resources to resolve their development issues or meet stringent deadlines.

So whether it is help with project managing a replacement intranet, new extranet or internet, or other SharePoint based implementation, contact us for more information about how we can help you in this area.

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